Welcome to Her Love For Food!

Her Love For Food started in 2010 as an Instagram to post all my food photos without people complaining on my normal feed (this was before taking pictures of your food was “socially acceptable); I had always dreamed of being a food photographer (among a million other things…).

In 2011 I decided to buy a domain and somehow in the last 10 years, I’ve managed to lock myself out to the point where I literally can not get back in. So HLFF ended up being domain-less. Until now.

With the pandemic it’s a little harder to really post about food and places like I want to, but hey, it’s not impossible. So let’s bend my creative idea’s.

I’m really hoping this will work and I won’t mid-ditch this project.

My co-founder-ish CJ will be popping in from time to time sharing the newest foodie creations he has come up with (and dude has come up with some pretty interesting ones).

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