Hey guys, it’s been awhile! I think I put too much pressure on myself to making my IG and my blog *look* perfect to the point where I get discouraged to post.

I figured this would be a good subject to revisit since the last time I updated and see how I did!

Originally I had aimed to:

— Incorporate more regular veggies, mostly greens. Anything rich in Magnesium.
— Eat more Tofu as well as Salmon, I get headaches a lot and adding more Omega 3’s helped in the past.
— I know I can’t/don’t want to kick Coke out of my diet, but I do want to drink more juice. Or find a flavored water I actually like.
— I want to cut back on eating out; I know it’s quick and easy but I need to go back to my Salmon and Veggie bake lunches and other easy beneficial lunches I can make.

What I had achieved:

— I’ve been doing a better job at eating more greens. Mostly broccoli since it’s what Tums likes to eat as well. She also likes carrots so we’ve been eating more of that too! Roasted veggies are a go to.
— I’ve tried going back to ordering my weekly sushi lunches but the place I order from stopped delivering here because of the pandemic, so that sucks. I do at least try to get some Tofu once a week in Hot & Sour Soup or something. Doesn’t help my husband “doesn’t get” why people like fish/sushi.
— I recently started drinking just juice or water after dinner. I don’t remember to do it every day, I’m still working on it!
— I’ve cut down on eating out as much; besides the weekend we don’t usually opt to eat out. I will be making another post on some of my recent favorite Costco food finds that I’ve been making at home instead!

Other things I’m aiming for:

Staying on top of taking my vit’s. I found that Magnesium helps a lot. I try to opt for gummy vitamin’s to encourage me to take them.
Eating an actual breakfast even if it’s bunch time is also something I’m trying to get in the habit of.
Cut back on candy. I have SUCH a horrible habit of snacking/reaching for candy when I’m mindlessly snacking while working. It’s just too easy (and affordable) to do! But I need to find something else to snack on because it’s not only not good for me but it encourages Tums to eat candy just as much since she see’s me eating.

So that’s what’s been goin on! Hopefully I’ll have more good news next Let’s Talk update!