Hello 2023, I see you’re here!

2022 was full of travel and new food discoveries… I’m not sure why I didn’t post about most of them when I should had but that’s fine; makes for content for 2023! I got to discover food from California, new places in Texas and I got to take a holiday trip to Disney World! So there’s a lot for me to catch up on.

Speaking of, I did make a new Instagram focused on snacks and snack finds called herloveforsnacks. I didn’t really feel like snacks and food really went well together even if they could have… I just get weird about content posting like that.

Plans for 2023… kind of

As far as 2023 goes, I decided not to make a resolutions or even a bucket list of things I hope to do this year. Whatever comes, comes. Whatever goes, goes. Whatever gets discovered, gets discovered. But this year I’m not going to hold myself to a list like I normally do.

Part of that reason also comes with being pregnant. I’m due in March and unless I get really lucky and have a super smooth delivery like I did with Tums, who knows how or how long it’ll take for me to recover.

Here’s to 2023, I’m excited to see what I’ll discover, love and endure… because that last part is inevitable. What are your hopes or plans for 2023?