Hello and welcome to my brand new food blog! Here I’ll be talking about snacks, recent eats and a few ways I’m trying to eat healthy!

I’m Hazel; a forever blogger, foodie as well as former Pastry Chef culinary student, former Walt Disney World Cast Member who’s always trying to push her own limits and learn new things. I speak up about mental health. Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.

I favor fruits and veggies over meat. But I won’t pass up seafood, ever. A first gen Filipino American who keeps her roots close. A new mama stuck in the middle of nowhere Texas.

This blog was co-founded by my forever bestie CJ who’s started to dabble more into the world of cooking. We’re both Bay Area natives (I’m from San Jose and Vallejo, he’s from Oakland) so our taste in food is pretty uppity.

Welcome to our spot on the web where we talk about our favorite subject: food.