The contents of this blog and what I eat may not line up, and I get that. I just really love food. But the times I do get to indulge aren’t that often. Unless we’re talking coffee, but we’re not talking about coffee right now.

I’ve always had the I really need to work towards a healthy lifestyle idea in the back of my mind, but I always thought that came with giving up a lot of things I find comfort in. But isn’t that the point? I always talk about how I don’t have a comfort zone yet here I am, holding on to comforting habits. And I mean there’s nothing wrong with having things of comfort but there is something wrong if they stop you from growing as a person. Or are/can be harming you.

I do know I need to be better with my eating habits, my health, my space and my mindset. I’m sure all of these things are all somehow connected. But we’re gonna try and break it down section by section.

For now I want to focus on my eating habits;