Let’s Talk | Journey to Better Habits

I want to:

— Incorporate more regular veggies, mostly greens. Anything rich in Magnesium.
— Eat more Tofu as well as Salmon, I get headaches a lot and adding more Omega 3’s helped in the past.
— I know I can’t/don’t want to kick Coke out of my diet, but I do want to drink more juice. Or find a flavored water I actually like.
— I want to cut back on eating out; I know it’s quick and easy but I need to go back to my Salmon and Veggie bake lunches and other easy beneficial lunches I can make.

This might not seem like a very long list and it’s definitely shorter than most of other things I plan to do lists but I’m trying to give myself realistic goals that I know I can achieve if just given the space and time to get it right. I know I’ve had better eating habits at several points of my life, it’s just getting back there that’s the challenge.

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