We took the kiddo to the Fort Worth Zoo (which imo is better than the Dallas Zoo) for her love day (Valentine’s Day). Last time we were here, she was too little to really know what was going on, but now that she’s older she has a better idea of what things are.

I was expressing to B how these personal Pizza Hut pizza’s are the BEST.

Normally when we come to this zoo we opt for Burger King since there aren’t many around us; but this time we decided to eat in the actual food court. The first time B took me here I came here asking if they had Brisket Baked Potato and they said they were still making them (it was pretty early in the day) so I wasn’t able to get one since I had a flight to catch lol. This was about 4 years ago.

This time I opted for Pizza Hut. Their personal pizza brings me back to my high school days, in a good day. And imo it’s their best version of pizza. I also grabbed a salad. The salad was good, the chicken was not that great.