I had originally stumbled on this place for their Bunny Dumplings but sadly by the time I went they had stopped serving them for some strange reason. So I went ahead and got the Soup Dumplings I wanted to try as well; I got the regular ones as well as the seafood sampler. Eggrolls for Tums, a side of Hot & Sour soup for me and Bub got Fried Rice.

They have an extensive menu for the various Dumplings they serve as well as a full lunch/dinner menu. There hasn’t been anything here I’ve tried that I didn’t like so far; I do want to try more of their dishes the next time I stop by!

I’m also happy to say that these Dumplings are just as yummy cold as they are hot (if you’re like me and don’t really like warming up food).

I honestly do not know why I never had Soup Dumplings before this day; I had known about them and heard about them but I don’t think there were any in Florida… as far as I knew. Or well, it just never came up. Since moving to Texas I’ve been on a mission to find the best Dumplings, the best Udon and the best Ramen this state has to offer. Or well, DFW has to offer. I’ll move on to the rest of the state later… after the pandemic (if there ever is an end).

I had been missing out. I hate when my cousin is right. But he’s still in NorCal so fuck his opinion lol. They got Dumplings all over the dang place out there. Plus he works in San Francisco, so.

Dragon House is amazing. The dining area is spacious, the workers are friendly, happy to help and welcoming. They definitely make sure our toddler has everything she needs and is comfortable every time we’re there.

Located in Southlake, TX right down the street from one of my favorite shopping centers in North Texas. And if Dumplings isn’t your jam there’s a ton of other food places to choose from all down that street.