I grew up going to Vegas yearly and when Sugar Factory opened up it was like my idea of an adult candy store. As I’m sure it’s a lot of adult’s that feel the same way. I never got to try one of their infamous cocktails cause I always figured there was no way I’d finish that. As if finishing it was suppose to be the goal.

One opened up in Dallas recently and surprisingly it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be considering it was Valentine’s Day. A reservation was required and we were seated as soon as we arrived.

The dining area was brightly lit. They had walls for Instagram photos all over the place. I love a place that makes you feel normal for wanting the best Instagram picture. The vibe was on point. The jams they were playing were also something that sounded it came off my own playlist. Minus the Baby Shark track but that got Tums HYPED. I’m glad she had fun as well. Everything was colorful and she was just soaking up all of the sights and tastes.

I finally ordered one of their cocktails and it was the most amazing drink I’ve had in awhile. I opted for the White Gummi which is a rum peach based cocktail topped with gummy worms. Even as the ice melted, the taste didn’t change. It didn’t get watered down or anything and it tasted just like a peach soda. I would no doubt order this again!

I ordered the deep fried mac & cheese which can be comparable to the Cheesecake Factory kind but honestly, these are 10x better. The sauce is perfect. The presentation was also really cute.

The sliders were pretty good too. The colorful buns made them even better. Tums enjoyed picking her own color for her burger! It also comes with a rubber ducky!

The insane shake that was ordered for Tums. She pretty much just wanted the whipped cream and sprinkles. She did take the candy necklace and spent some time trying to figure out what it was lol. It was a bit much chocolate for me… but I did take a cotton candy skewer. And destroyed it.

The fondue plate was amazing. I wish I had saved room for it. They included a ton of options such as gummy cherries, brownies and bananas. The fondue itself was topped with fire roasted marshmallows! It was so good. I was literally just eating the marshmallows out of the cup.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tums also decided she wanted ice cream after dinner. Even though she was running around the ice cream/candy shop like a crazy hyped up child. In case you’re wondering; she didn’t have a sugar crash and fall asleep like I had hoped. But look how cute she is! It’s so hard to say no!

Next time I’m in Vegas I’m def going to be dining at theirs! This was such a fun experience and the food was a lot better than I had thought it would be. So glad I finally got to try this place!

Till next time Sugar Factory!