California Churro Co is located in the Downtown Disney district right across from World of Disney.

I assume these flavors change seasonally; a friend of mine said when he was there there was a Lemon Pie flavor and I was low key sad to see it wasn’t there when I went.

We tried the Strawberry Cheesecake the first night we were at Disney. You’d think it was just some average flavored Churro. WRONG. I was so wrong. It comes with a side of Cream Cheese. Honestly it was just as good without the Cream Cheese. It’s dusted with flavoring but HEAVY dusted. The kind of dusted that when you lick your lips it’s like eating it a second time. The strawberry flavoring was tart but not super tart. Paired with the sweetness of the Churro it was the perfect combo.

Seriously, me and my friend were fighting over who was getting the next bite.

For $6.95 it’s a pretty high price, worth the try and a good sized snack for sharing (especially if you have kids).

The next day we stopped by Downtown Disney again to pick up some last-minute merch annnnd another Churro. This time we went with Key Lime Pie. This one was crazy. It didn’t come with any sides or anything, but the flavor was super strong, in a good way.

It was a nice balance of tart and pillowy sweet from the Churro. If you’re a fan of Key Lime Pie, then I’d highly highly suggest giving this a try!

These Churro’s are next level and I’m glad I was pleasantly surprised by them; I’m definitely going to give the rest of the flavors a try next time and hopefully I’ll catch the Lemon Pie one!

Have you tried these? Are you a Churro fan or a Popcorn fan?