Every year I intend to make this post and every year I just… don’t. I’m not sure why since I have the photos and everything… I just, don’t. The last few years however have been a bit rough. I feel like I’m been checked out for awhile. And while I’m sleepy as hell right now (then again it’s 18* here today), I feel a little better and more driven to put up content. I just have to fight through feeling sleepy/falling asleep and being hungry because of the cold. 

Disneyland snacks differ from Disney World in some aspects. Their chocolate mallows are usually dipped in caramel then chocolate whereas at Disney World we just dipped them in chocolate. I tend to forget this every time I go to Disneyland and end up a little disappointed. 


This trip wasn’t filled with magic or snacks or snack hunting like I usually do; here’s to hoping I can do a redo in 2024 with my girls this Fall.